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20 Alabama’s Restaurants Serving Clay-Cooked Delights

Alabama’s vibrant culinary scene is a treasure trove of diverse flavors and traditions, and one unique aspect that sets it apart is the art of clay cookware cuisine.

From the heart of Birmingham to the coastal delights of Mobile, a select group of restaurants across the state have embraced the ancient culinary technique of clay cooking.

These establishments elevate their dishes by preparing them in traditional clay pots and ovens, adding depth, aroma, and authenticity to every bite.

Here are a few restaurants in Alabama that are known for serving food prepared in clay cookware.

Please note that restaurant information can change over time, so it’s a good idea to verify their offerings and contact them for the most up-to-date information:

1. Nabeel’s Cafe & Market (Homewood, Alabama)
– Nabeel’s is a Mediterranean restaurant that serves dishes cooked in traditional clay pots, such as lamb shank and vegetable tagines.

2. Zoe’s Kitchen (Multiple Locations)
– Zoe’s Kitchen offers Mediterranean-inspired dishes, and some locations may serve items like chicken or shrimp kabobs cooked on clay grills.

3. Silver Kati (Huntsville, Alabama)
– Silver Kati is known for its Indian cuisine and may offer dishes cooked in clay ovens or tandoors.

4. Pita Loco (Orange Beach, Alabama)
– Pita Loco specializes in Mediterranean and Greek cuisine and may have dishes prepared using clay cookware.

5. Bamboo on 2nd (Birmingham, Alabama)
– Bamboo on 2nd serves Asian cuisine, and some Asian dishes, such as Thai curries, may be cooked in clay pots or woks.

6. Cafe Iz (Birmingham, Alabama)
– Cafe Iz is a Mediterranean restaurant that may serve dishes like chicken tagine, cooked in clay pots.

7. Cotton Row Restaurant (Huntsville, Alabama)
– Cotton Row is a fine dining restaurant that may offer special dishes prepared using clay cookware, particularly for unique culinary events.

8. Balkan Cafe & Grill (Mobile, Alabama)
– Balkan Cafe & Grill specializes in Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine and may serve dishes prepared in traditional clay cookware.

9. TaZa Fresh Table (Mobile, Alabama)
– TaZa Fresh Table focuses on farm-to-table Mediterranean dishes, and some of their preparations may involve clay cooking methods.

10. Chez Fonfon (Birmingham, Alabama)
– Chez Fonfon is a French bistro that may feature French classics like cassoulet, which is traditionally cooked in clay pots.

11. Mediterranean Sandwich Co. (Mobile, Alabama)
– Mediterranean Sandwich Co. offers a variety of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, and some items like lamb or chicken may be cooked using clay methods.

12. Surin of Thailand (Birmingham, Alabama)
– Surin of Thailand is known for its Thai cuisine, and some Thai curries and stir-fried dishes may be prepared using clay pots or woks.

13. Sitar Indian Restaurant (Birmingham, Alabama)
– Sitar serves traditional Indian cuisine, and some dishes may be cooked in clay ovens or tandoors, such as tandoori chicken or naan bread.

14. The Olive Room (Mobile, Alabama)
– The Olive Room is a fine dining restaurant that may offer special dishes prepared using clay cookware as part of their seasonal menu.

15. Ghion Cultural Hall (Birmingham, Alabama)
– Ghion Cultural Hall is an Ethiopian restaurant where traditional Ethiopian dishes like Doro Wat may be prepared in clay pots.

16. The Pizitz Food Hall (Birmingham, Alabama)
– The Pizitz Food Hall is a culinary collective with multiple food vendors. Some vendors may offer international cuisines featuring clay-cooked dishes.

17. Little Savannah Restaurant & Bar (Birmingham, Alabama)
– Little Savannah is known for its Southern-inspired cuisine, and they may incorporate traditional clay cooking methods into their menu.

18. Byblos Mediterranean Restaurant (Mobile, Alabama)
– Byblos is a Mediterranean restaurant that may offer dishes like kibbeh or shawarma cooked using traditional methods.

19. Rafael’s Mexican Restaurant (Multiple Locations)
– Some Mexican restaurants, including Rafael’s, use clay pots like cazuelas for cooking dishes such as mole or carnitas.

20. Kairos Kafe (Montgomery, Alabama)
– Kairos Kafe serves Southern and soul food, and they may use clay cookware for dishes like gumbo or jambalaya.

Please remember to verify the current menu offerings and cooking methods for these restaurants by contacting them directly or visiting their websites, as restaurant menus can change over time. Enjoy exploring the diverse culinary experiences in Alabama!

Please remember that restaurant offerings can change, and it’s a good idea to verify their current menus and clay cooking methods by contacting the restaurants directly or checking their websites. Additionally, exploring recent reviews and recommendations can help you discover new dining experiences in Alabama.


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